Welcome to “Make BPD Stigma-Free!”


Welcome to “Make BPD Stigma-Free!”  My mission is to increase awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder, and reduce the stigma surrounding it.  BPD is a very complex disorder that causes immense suffering for those afflicted with it, along with family members, friends, co-workers and others involved with the BPD sufferer.

In posts to come, I will be exploring many aspects of BPD.  Please see the article entitled “Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)” for a summary of the disorder.  I will be explaining each item further.

Check back here often or, better yet, follow my blog.  Just click on the “Follow This Site” button.   Read my previous posts, including reblogs from other sites that I have found very interesting, informative and helpful.  I also include links to my own posts which I think you might enjoy.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you will learn more about Borderline Personality Disorder with me in my journey to wellness.

– Joyce Savage.



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25 responses to “Welcome to “Make BPD Stigma-Free!”

  1. If you would like to write a blog post for me please do.


  2. Hi, I just checked out your website after you’d responded to a comment of mine on FaceBook regarding the invalidating comments loved ones make unintentionally while trying to put ourselves into perspective of the big picture. Heh… This looks like it will be an interesting website, and I look forward to exploring it more in the future.
    One request: perhaps post suggestions to those who do not have the disorder on how to cope with someone who does and how to interact with the effected individual without triggering target behaviors when they are extremely emotionally compromised.


    • Thank you for your suggestion. I’m trying to put a little bit of everything on this site – something for everyone. There are some posts tagged with “Validation” you might like to read. I will definitely try to post more articles for those without BPD. I find it extremely difficult a lot of the time to explain what I need at those times. Sometimes you don’t really know what you need. I attended a DBT program several years ago and learned a lot from it, but I have to constantly remind myself to monitor my thoughts/behaviours/actions.


  3. Thank you for your kind post on my blog. It is nice to receive since it is a new blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I have added you to my bookmarked blog list.


  4. Thank you I love all the information you are kindly sharing x


  5. BPD and ME

    I am me whoever that is ,I mean I have so many different ME’s
    they keep on appearing . Depending on the social situation I find myself in I am whoever people want me to be .
    I can come across as very confident and educated especially with Doctor’s Teacher’s anybody I feel are of a good educated back ground . I can change to the me that blends in with conversations where I know other’s expect me to be dumb .
    I live a lie and have done so since I was a teen being everybody apart from ME and the funny thing is I do not know who the real ME is .
    I lie about myself to keep the people around me respecting ME even if there is a risk involved ,
    I am ashamed to have all these different forms of ME because I know I mislead people but not intentionally just to keep them in my life .Most of the situations I adjust to what other’s expect of me and I am now doing it without realising I am which scares me .
    I have been doing this over 25 years now and I sometimes wonder will I ever find the true ME or is it too late ❤

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  6. I am a mother of two young children and have been hospitalized for half of my young sons life and only in this almost two year span did i finally get diagnosed. Then i go online to find if there had been any books for children(not adult children) published- no such luck( good this means a market for my little story) but in the process i read how bad we are as mothers – because of our unpredictable rages, and unpredictable ness period. Did not need to read that really. It only frustrates me and makes my battle to get well that much harder.


    • This is exactly why we need to clear up the misconceptions about our illness. We need to raise awareness and erase stigma. Thank you for your comment!



  7. People with BPD are like pedophiles. It’s not their fault that they are that way, but if they can’t control themselves then they need to be locked up for the good of society.


    • Your comment demonstrates ignorance and immense disrespect.Perhaps you need this website more than anyone so you can begin to operate with facts and thus ,at least ,come across more intelligently.


    • You sound like you have been deeply hurt by someone with BPD. If that’s true, I am so very sorry. I hope you will recover from whatever pain you have experienced. If you truly want to, you can heal — just like those with BPD can find healing if THEY truly want to.


  8. Obviously, you don’t know anything about BPD.


  9. I suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder. It wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my mid-thirties. Everybody (including me) just thought I was crazy. Thank you for this page, it’s good to find fellows of a familiar feather.
    btw, the person who compared personality disorders to pedophelia needs to read a book…about anything, really. There is one sad, confused person.


  10. It took them 20 years to diagnose me but only 6 months to diagnose my son which I am relieved now in the medical world he has BPD and major depressive disorder .My son has had 2 major “episodes ” but this 1 is by far the most scariest ,its as if its not him I think he looks different something about his eyes but what is scaring me is his lack of belief ,he’s almost given up heis words”I cant keep doing this all im doing is existing “:-( It is tearing me apart all my emotions are overwhelming me driving me mad and urges are there too but I have 2 younger kids that need me I dont think I have anything left .


    • Hugs! Know that there is support out there for you and your son. You are not alone! I hope things get better for you soon.


    • I am SO SO sorry to hear this! It sounds like you need a lot more support for yourself! DO NOT give up, on yourself or your son. Find the resources for family members like you. You are definitely not alone. Your son sounds like he needs more help than he is getting right now. HE is not alone either. You have a child with special needs and then some. Mothers with special needs children need A LOT of family, friend, and professional support for themselves and their children — it is no different for you; in fact, it goes double for you. God be with you.


  11. Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with depression but some of the symptoms of BPD definitely describe me. Do you have any advice on how I can be more sure without a clinical diagnosis?


    • You really need an assessment done to know for sure. Pretty much everyone has some of these symptoms to an extent. I’d tell your counsellor/therapist that you feel you might have BPD. It’s not something you can diagnose yourself. Many people are misdiagnosed for years with just depression or Bipolar when they may have BPD instead, or Bipolar AND BPD. I was diagnosed with depression for years. I didn’t receive my actual diagnosis of BPD until I was 35. Most people have symptoms become more pronounced in their teens. Drs. are reluctant to diagnose anyone under 18 with BPD. I probably had it for about 20 years before I knew about it. I’d like to hear if you get a new diagnosis of BPD or not. I hope I’ve helped somewhat.


      • Thank you very much for responding. From reading about it, a lot of the stereotypical symptoms don’t fit me, but I realize that everyone is different. I just feel like there is something more going on than depression. I can spend the majority of a day depressed and not able to get off the couch, but then the next second I’m cleaning the entire apartment or spending money online. I have really bad self-esteem, and my negative thoughts about myself definitely started in my teens. I have been having more impulsive behavior lately, which makes me feel like I have no idea who I am or what I am doing. I have an appointment in september already, hopefully I have the courage to bring it up.



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