The Role of Interpersonal Factors in BPD

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Self-Soothing Kit Activities for my Centre

At my local Peer Support Centre, there’s a Life Skills group that’s just started.  The person who runs it asked me to be a guest speaker yesterday.  I talked about the life skill of managing your emotions.  I gave everyone there the homework of creating a Self-Soothing Kit.  The next group is in two weeks and I’m very anxious to see what they all come up with.  I was very honoured to be asked to speak at this group.  I wasn’t too nervous, which is weird, but good.

I have come up with an activity for the Centre.  We are going to make Christmas-themed Self-Soothing kits and give them as gifts, or keep for ourselves, whichever the person making it wants to do with it.  There’s at least one thing for each of the five senses that is about Christmas.  For example:  for sound – jingle bells, for smell – a pine-scented car air freshener (that smells like a Christmas tree), for sight – an ornament to hang on your tree, for touch – a pair of super-soft socks or gloves, or a small tube of hand lotion.  If it’s scented, it will work for the sense of smell as well.  And last but not least, for taste – a packet of hot chocolate and a mini candy cane.  You could also put a mini bag of red and green jellybeans.  I’ve created a sign-up sheet for people who wish to do the activity so we can see how many people are interested.  We’re going to start with about six kits.  If there’s enough interest, we may even do up to twelve kits.  I think that this is a great idea, especially for this time of year when everyone is so busy.  A great mental health booster.

Hope everyone is having a great November.  I can’t believe it’s almost December already!  Before you know it, Christmas will be here!  I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet!  I’m gonna start it early this year for a change.  We usually leave it until the last minute.

Is it snowy where you are?  We got a dusting of snow the other day that’s gone already.  We’re not supposed to get any more for a while.  It’s pretty seasonable for this time of year.  Have a great day or night wherever you are.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

The Toughest Thing about “Mindfulness” & how to Tackle It

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“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “Girl, Interrupted” and How Media Portrays Mental Health

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My Video, “The Quiet Borderline: The Forgotten Ones” (without music!)

After much consideration, I have removed the music from my video, “The Quiet Borderline:  The Forgotten Ones”  I have received several negative comments on the music.  I will look for cheerier music.  In the meantime, please enjoy my video without music:

Work Before Love: How Getting A Job Facilitates Recovery in BPD

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Why Advertising Shouldn’t Fear Mental Illness

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How Do You Define Mindfulness?

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How Labels Help: Tame Reactive Emotions by Naming Them – Mindful

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Borderline Personality Disorder: Not Just an Adult Condition

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Happy Holidays, Emotionally Neglectful Family

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Free Program To Help Those With BPD

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Review: Borderline Personality Disorder: In Our Own Words

Full title:  Borderline Personality Disorder:  In Our Own Words – An Educational Resource From Emotions Matter, Inc.

This is a spiral-bound booklet produced by Emotions Matter.  Inside, you’ll find lots of great information as well as personal stories by five people with BPD.  There are many excellent resources throughout the book.  I think you will find this publication very helpful.  It would be really handy to refer to often.  The perfect size for your purse or bag.  It includes emergency information.

I like that this booklet contains stories of people with BPD, not just facts.  It always helps to hear about others like yourself.  Especially with something like Borderline Personality Disorder that you don’t hear much about.  You can feel very alone.  Hearing others’ stories makes you feel much less alone.  Hearing about how they cope may give you some ideas of how to cope yourself.  It gives you hope that things can always get better.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this book:

  • How did you feel when you were first diagnosed with BPD?
  • How would you describe BPD to someone newly diagnosed?
  • How does BPD impact your behaviors and how you function on a daily basis?

Find the answers to these and more questions inside.

For more information on Emotions Matter, go to: or email them at:

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Update for November 14th

Yesterday, I bought myself a new winter hat.  As I was leaving the Peer Support Centre to go home, I threw my new hat on.  Everyone laughed and told me that I’d forgotten to take the tag off my hat.  They said I looked like Minnie Pearl.  I laughed along with them.  I’ve certainly come a long way!  Years ago, I would’ve felt stupid and it would’ve bothered me for the rest of the day.  Instead, I just thought, “I do look like Minnie Pearl!”  For those of you who don’t know, Minnie Pearl used to be on the TV show “Hee Haw”  She always wore a hat with the price tag still on it.

In other news, my son was supposed to go to school last Thursday for half an hour.  He didn’t go.  He said that he needed more time to “psyche himself up.”  I know exactly what he means.  I need to psyche myself up for stuff all the time.  I hope he can go someday soon, just for half an hour.  That would be such a huge step for him!  He’s still doing very well considering.  Except that he hasn’t done any work in his anxiety workbook that the Attendance Counsellor left him.  I have to get him to do some tonight for sure.  She’s coming tomorrow.  If he doesn’t start doing the work, he’s never gonna get better.  He’ll be living with us until he’s 40!  He needs to get out there with friends his own age.  I know he can do it.  I try to set a good example by going to the Peer Support Centre and doing stuff that’s hard for me, like giving a presentation on recovering from BPD.

I wish my husband could get over his social anxiety.  I also suffer but I’ve worked very hard through years of therapy to get over it somewhat.  I still suffer but not as badly as I used to.

We got some bad news the other night.  I’ll share it another time.

I’ve enjoyed hanging out with my parents and sister and my brother-in-law lately.  My sister is becoming a great supporter of mine.  I’m very grateful for her being there for me.

That’s all for now.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

When You Hold On Too Tightly

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Remembrance Day Today!

Wishing everyone who celebrates Remembrance Day today a good day.

— Joyce.

Treating BPD Using Schema Therapy and DBT

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Borderline Personality Disorder…What is it? – YouTube

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What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

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Why We Sabotage Ourselves

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Highly Sensitive People, Remember These 10 Things When You Feel Anxious

Update on My Son for November 3rd

My son has severe social anxiety.  He hasn’t gone to school for over a year.  He had a tutor last year that he talked to through his bedroom door.  He has a friend that he used to hang out with all the time.  They hadn’t seen each other for quite a while.  We set up a meeting this morning with the teacher at a special program for kids who can’t make it to regular high school.  Many of them have social anxiety as well.  The Attendance Counsellor was supposed to be there as well as my son’s friend.  I was wondering if my son would actually go or be too nervous.  I was really hoping things would work out for him.

Well, he actually went!  I’m so glad!  He didn’t look either the teacher or the Attendance Counsellor in they eye, or speak to them, but he did nod a few times.  I spoke for him.  He’s set up another time next week to go back and check out the school some more, and meet with his friend again.  He wants to start attending this program within the next couple of weeks so that he can hang out with his friend.  It would be so good for him.  The teacher has to assess what his reading level is and stuff like that, but that’s not too big a deal.  He’ll eventually have to speak to the teacher but it’ll happen when he’s ready.

He’s been hanging out at home without any friends for so long.  He needs to hang out with someone other than just Mom and Dad.  They’ve exchanged phone numbers so that they can text each other and ask to hang out.  I’m not sure what they’re gonna do next week.  My son likes to go for long walks, so they might do that.  They might play video games.  Whatever it is, it’ll be good for him.

Just had to let you all know my good news.  I’ve been waiting so long for this.  I’ll let you know how next week goes.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

Mental health stigma denying her a job: Courage to Come Back winner

An excellent job at working to make BPD stigma-free:

Source: Mental health stigma denying her a job: Courage to Come Back winner

I Don’t Think We Won

Well, I don’t think my Centre will win the costume contest and get a pizza party.  Only a couple of people dressed up.  I couldn’t find a costume.  I have an excellent idea for next year though.

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween tonight.

Our centres are having nominations for Peer Representatives this month.  Peer Reps are someone to talk to if you don’t want to talk to staff.  We represent the people who come into the centre.  I’ve been a Peer Rep for the last year, but I am passing the torch on to someone else.  I’m curious to find out who gets voted in.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

Halloween Costume Contest Today at My Local Centres

My local Peer Support Centres are having a Halloween costume contest today.  People are invited to dress up.  The winning centre with the best costumes wins a pizza party.  I don’t have a costume.  I’m gonna see if I can find something to dress up as.  Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how my centre makes out.  I think we won last year.

Till next time,

— Joyce.