Friends – New and Old

My daughter gave me a makeover a little while ago.  When I went to the Peer Support Centre, I got a lot of compliments on it.  Today, a friend at the Centre gave me a gift bag.  One of the items inside was some make-up.  I’d like to try taking better care of myself, if I can find the energy somehow.

I used to have pierced ears but I haven’t worn earrings for a few years and they’ve healed over on me.  I need to get them done again as soon as possible so I can start wearing earrings again.  I love wearing big dangly ones.  They make me feel so glamorous.  I love to feel like Marilyn Monroe!

There were also some hairbands in the gift bag my friend gave me.  I need to wash my hair more often.  I need to pick up some bubble bath and scented candles so I can have a bit more incentive to take care of me better.

Someday, I’ll have clean hair, my new hairband in my hair, make-up on, earrings in.  I’ll feel so good about myself.  All I need is some energy to start.  Which I’ve been waiting for for years.  I try so hard to do all the right things – walking, taking my meds, etc.  Nothing ever works.

A few years ago, I lost some weight and felt so good about myself.  Then my friend left town without telling me.  Can you say abandonment?  This was at Christmas.  I cried for weeks.  My husband said that I ruined Christmas.  I never realized that that’s what it was about until earlier this year.  It just hit me.  I’ve learned so much about myself this past year.

I’m hoping to accomplish some “taking care of me” stuff this weekend.  It’s supposed to storm all weekend so I might as well.  Wish me luck,

– Joyce.