Fun with GIFs

Do you ever feel all different emotions at once, like this?  avatar_23078

And you feel like doing this?  ICONATOR_a9a0443ee1c2f400ab06d68382127a2a

And people say you’re just ICONATOR_23e8af7e51ed0ab088cff43e460441ec

So you listen to some music:  avatar_6301

Then you feel like doing this to your boss:  SpongeBobButt

But I wouldn’t advise it, unless you want to get fired.

But whatever you do, don’t ever do this:1097943987_637144874 1139445271_1418505857

or this (unless it’s Easter, actually I’m not even sure about then):  ICONATOR_3ea551dcec74d8c5d79c42c226bf923c

Maybe you should take up a hobby to relieve stress:  avatar_2118

Or else you could be fired, and then you’ll be like this looking through the Want Ads in the morning, looking for a new job:  1099854034_1526478677

Then you’ll be pounding in the pavement (probably not so happy):  SpongeBob02

And thinking this:  whencall

When you finally get the call for a job, you’ll be like this:  YayPurple coolRedGlow

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I had to do something different today.  Trying to distract myself.  It’s working pretty well. We all know that 1100138280_492008211 more than we already are, lol!  You have to go a little crazy to keep from going totally insane, I always say.

Anyways, ThanksSparkle for reading this and bye55 for now.  Or, if it’s bedtime where you are:  GoodNightTweety4