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Apology Accepted

My daughter and her boyfriend just came over.  She actually apologized for getting upset with me earlier.  That’s a first!  She grabbed a snack, then a few for the road, then left.  A staff member from the Peer Support Centre said that maybe we should invite them for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I ran it by my husband.  He didn’t seem too enthused by the idea.  I wouldn’t mind it.  At least they’d sit at the table with me and not just take off like everybody else around here.  My mother-in-law said she’d be busy on Monday (Thanksgiving), and probably won’t be here.  She’ll have to eat with us on Tuesday instead maybe.  Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Our son’s not feeling well.  He has a sore throat.  I hope he’s not coming down with something.  It’s just about that time of year, though.  He wants ice cream.  I suggested Freezies but he doesn’t want one.  I should go grab some ice cream for him.  Talk to everyone later,

– Joyce.