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Bullying Children with Mental Illness

Becky Oberg of “More Than Borderline” hosts this video on bullying children with mental illness.  Must watch:

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month: What BPD is Like

By Becky Oberg of More Than Borderline.  In honor of BPD Awareness Month, this is what BPD feels like for me, from the point of view of a person with BPD – as seen by mental health professionals, by others and yourself.


The Stigma of Disability

By Becky Oberg of More Than Borderline.   “You look fine to me” is heard by people on Disability all the time.  It is an invisible illness, and is highly stigmatized.


Things I Wish People Understood About Mental Illness

More Than Borderline’s Becky Oberg shares with us her view on what she wishes people understood about mental illness.


What a Lemonade Ad Can Teach About BPD Symptoms

Becky Oberg from More Than Borderline talks about the “black-and-white” thinking of people with BPD and how it can present itself in our everyday lives, and how to learn to see the gray.


I May Have BPD, But I’m More Than Borderline

Becky Oberg talks about how BPD patients are unfairly treated, even by professionals.


Secondary Wounding: Injuries After the Trauma

By More Than Borderline’s Becky Oberg discusses the secondary wounding that many trauma victims are forced to endure due to denial, minimizing, blaming or ignorance.

Credibility and BPD: The Assumption of Lying

by Becky Oberg of HealthyPlace.com