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Chronic Feelings of Emptiness

Great blog post describing the “Chronic Feelings of Emptiness” criteria of BPD:


Boredom and Borderline Personality Disorder

S.L.Grigg - Author


Not what you would typically associate with Borderline Personality Disorder right?

Not one of the diagnostic criteria in the DSM IV that’s for sure…

So how come I think boredom is such a key element to BPD myself?

Let me tell you…

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Boredom and The Borderline (BPD & Self-harm)

Debbie Corso explains how boredom in people with BPD can be dangerous:


Borderlines Dread Weekends

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Why do Borderlines dread the weekends so much?  Here are a couple of articles that describe why:


Sundays Can Be Difficult For The BPD Chameleon

Do you experience this?  What do you do to cope?