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Alan Fruzetti, PhD, on Acceptance and Change in DBT


Getting Better at Feeling to Feel Better | Mindful-Mastery

Source: Getting Better at Feeling to Feel Better | Mindful-Mastery

#Highly Sensitive People: Are you sensitive to change? | Highly Sensitive Thoughts

#Highly Sensitive People: Are you sensitive to change? | Highly Sensitive Thoughts.

Coping with Change

They say that Borderlines have trouble coping with change.  I’ve noticed that, if I have a little bit of time to prepare myself for it, it isn’t too bad.  But if I don’t, it hits me like a ton of bricks and I have to really practice using my DBT skills.  Is anyone else like this?  Can you cope with change as long as you have a little bit of warning?  Or is it hard no matter what?

If something is sprung on me all of a sudden, I feel very panicky.  I have to use my DBT skills to calm myself down.  The best thing for me is to distract myself by going on the computer and listening to music.  That usually helps.  This gets my mind off of ruminating on whatever is sprung on me.  It allows me to get to Wise Mind.  Then I can think clearer.  This doesn’t always happen though.  Sometimes things are sprung on me and I have no chance to prepare myself and think straight.  I hate when that happens!  My daughter is very good at this and does it very often.  Usually about money.  She loves to put you on the spot.  I feel very disrespected when she does that.  I never did that to my parents.  She hates when I say that!

How do you cope with change?  Do you have any strategies that work for you that you would like to share with others?  Please comment below:

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The curse of black and white thinking

A woman with Borderline Personality Disorder describes what it’s like to struggle with the difficulties of black and white thinking and how she deals with it every day.  Her husband’s view, The Black and White Thinking of Borderline Personality Disorder, follows.