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Red Flags In Childhood

Study: Precursors to BPD in Females and Males

Study: Precursors to BPD in Females and Males.

BPD and Childhood

They say that you can’t have Borderline Personality Disorder until you’re 18.  Well, you know long before that that something is wrong with you – that you’re not like other kids, you’re different.  You’re more sensitive than other kids.  You have trouble managing your emotions.  You have trouble “reading” people.  You might always think that everyone is angry at you.  It’s not something that you “grow out of”.

I always knew that something was wrong with me.  Until I was diagnosed, I just thought, “I’m just stupid.  I don’t know how to do anything right.  I’m screwed up.”  What a rotten way to grow up!  No wonder people with BPD are so messed up!  Wouldn’t you have low self-esteem thinking these thoughts constantly through your entire childhood, adolescence and even adulthood, depending on when you get diagnosed (if ever).  Some people can go through decades of this.  To put it simply, IT SUCKS!

So, what can we do about it?  Educate people about BPD.  Get rid of the STIGMA.  Start helping teens before you have to try to undo years of pain and unhelpful thinking.  It’s much easier to do it when they’re young that having to try to undo possibly decades of distorted thoughts.  Wouldn’t you agree?

What are your thoughts and experiences on this?  Please comment below.  Thank you.