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Craft Group and Dentist Appointment Today

I visited my parents and sister on the weekend.  I lent my sister a book on losing a brother or sister.  I hope she finds it helpful.  I found it a little helpful.  She gave me a picture of my brother when he was younger, probably in Kindergarten.

This morning was Craft Group at the Mission.  Someone donated some neat stuff.  I got a few goodies for myself.  Then I had lunch with a friend before heading over to the Peer Support Centre.  It was their monthly dinner tonight but I didn’t stay for dinner.  I stayed for about an hour, until my appointment with the dentist.  I just got back.  I had a few teeth pulled.  I have to get a few more pulled in about a month.

I’m gonna try to take it easy tonight.  I hope everyone is having a good day today.  If not, I hope it gets better for you.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

What A Day!

I had an appointment with my counsellor and the dentist today.  I haven’t slept for the past two nights in a row.  I’m so exhausted!  I hope I sleep tonight!  My dentist appointment got erased from their computers for some reason so I didn’t have to go after all.  Yay!  Part of me was hoping to get some dental work over with though.  What a day!

My son always wants me to go for a bike ride at 9 pm.  All I want to do at that time of night is stay in and relax, go on the computer for a bit, then go to bed.  Especially when I haven’t slept.  He keeps telling me that I never do anything with him.  I feel so guilty but I’m still just so exhausted!  I hate it so much!  I’d give anything to be in better shape like I used to be.  I try to play with him.  I wish he’d play board games or something quiet like that with me.

I might go over to my parents’ house for a visit this weekend.  I have a photo of me and my brother to give to them and my sister.  I also have to give them the instruction manual for my brother’s phone that I downloaded.

I talked to my counsellor about the project I’m working on in my brother’s memory.  She thinks its a great idea.  I’m going ahead with it.  I hope my parents and sister want to be included in it.

Wish me luck sleeping tonight.  Thank you in advance,

— Joyce

Dentist Appointment but No Counsellor

I saw the dentist yesterday and had a couple of teeth pulled.  My mouth is a little bit sore today.  I was supposed to see my counsellor yesterday too but she wasn’t in.  I think she left me a voicemail on my cellphone but it says it’s not activated.  I’ll have to check that out.  I’ll have to reschedule with her.  I see the dentist again in a month.  I have to get a few more teeth pulled eventually.

Just thought I’d update you guys on what’s been happening with me lately.  Haven’t touched base for a while.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  If not, I hope it gets better.

Till next time,

– Joyce.

A Very Busy Day!

I had a very busy day today.  First, I went to the Mission for Craft Group.  Then I went to the drugstore and refilled my meds.  Then I grabbed a coffee and a couple of cookies at the local bakery and read for a few minutes.  Then I popped over to the Peer Support Centre for an hour.  Then I saw my counsellor for half an hour.  Then I saw the dentist for a checkup and cleaning.  Then I went back to the Peer Support Centre for their monthly dinner.  Then I visited with everyone for a few minutes and read some more before I went home and played badminton with my son for a few minutes.

All in all, a very busy day!  But a good day.  I have several cavities though.  😦  I have to go back in May (on my sister’s birthday!) to get some fillings done on my remaining bottom teeth.  They said that I could either get a couple of root canals on the top ones, or else just get dentures.  I just want them gone!  They told me that I could think about it and let them know next time I see them but I don’t need to think about it.

Someone told me that they saw my daughter’s boyfriend and another young man pawning some stuff at the local pawn shop:  rings, coins, etc.  I’m gonna check there and see if my camera is there.  If it was, it’s probably long gone by now but there’s no harm in looking.

Yesterday, my daughter asked for more money.  I said “No”  I was strong!  I did it!  She was at the Peer Support Centre with her boyfriend.  She called her grandma and said that they had had a fight and broken up and that she needed to go for a drive and have a smoke.  They told me that she was supposed to go to town to try for her driver’s license.  Things just don’t add up.  She’s a liar and a thief!  I don’t know why.  We didn’t bring her up that way.  She needs help but she won’t go for it.  It’s so frustrating!  Especially when you try so hard to help her out, especially financially, and we’re going so broke because of it, and she steals from us.

Thanks for listening to another rant.  It is very appreciated.  Till the next one,

– Joyce.