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Why Emotional Growth is Scary: 3 Ways to Defeat Your Fear of Change – CEN

via Why Emotional Growth is Scary: 3 Ways To Defeat Your Fear Of Change | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Healing Relationships after Childhood Emotional Neglect

Recovering From CEN

Source: Recovering From CEN

Fuel Up For Life Program

From Dr. Jonice Webb, author of “Running On Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect”  I personally would not attempt it without a therapist.  I think it’s a little expensive but if you can afford it, try it if you think it will help.


Four Steps to Heal Empty Feelings | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Source: Four Steps to Heal Empty Feelings | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Can You Recover From CEN on Your Own?

In the following video, Dr. Jonice Webb talks about whether or not you can recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) on your own, without a therapist.  I believe that, if you are an emotionally sensitive person and suffering from CEN, it’s probably preferable to work with a therapist.  One who specializes in DBT would be best.


What do you think after watching this video?  Have you watched the other two in this series?  Please comment below.  Thank you,

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How to Stop Running on Empty

Source: How to Stop Running on Empty

The Three Faces of Emptiness | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Source: The Three Faces of Emptiness | Childhood Emotional Neglect

People Don’t Change | Childhood Emotional Neglect

People Don’t Change | Childhood Emotional Neglect.

Validation Validation Validation | Childhood Emotional Neglect

Validation Validation Validation | Childhood Emotional Neglect.