Book Review – Soothe Yourself: Learning Emotional Self-Regulation

Full title:  “Soothe Yourself: Learning Emotional Self-Regulation: For People with Anxiety, Depression, NPD, BPD, IED, SPD, Bipolar, ADHD, ASPD, AVPD, and ASD (Transcend Mediocrity Book 88)” Kindle Edition

I have this book on Kindle and audiobook download.  I have just read the Kindle version.  It is really good.  It talks a lot about where emotional self-dysregulation comes from and provides some help on the subject.  I would have liked for it to provide a few more examples, such as some relaxation exercises, but other than that, this is an excellent book.  I recommend it to anyone with BPD or any of the other conditions listed.

There is a link at the end of the book to the author’s publication company.  It does not work.

I really liked some of the information about where self-dysregulation comes from, and the tips provided.  I’m going to check out the audiobook version and do a review on it next.  Stay tuned for that!  Till next time,

— Joyce.

Yin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA icon     4/5

Fatigue and Managing my Emotions

Last year, my husband said that I never used to feel so tired all the time.  I wasn’t managing my emotions very well either.  I think that it takes an awful lot of energy to manage my emotions.  I manage them a lot better now, but I’m so fatigued all the time.  I wish I could manage my emotions AND have energy too.

Part of it is that I’m so out of shape too.  I hate it!  I wish I could get in shape.  I haven’t got energy to clean or play with my son.  I try so hard.  I walk for 30-60 minutes every day.  You’d think I would be in better shape!

Does anyone else notice fatigue from managing their emotions, or is it just me?  I hope it’s not just me.  But also, I don’t want anyone else to feel like this either.  I know that doesn’t make any sense but who said that I made sense all the time anyways?  Whoever did, they were wrong.  😉

Till next time,

– Joyce.