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A Busy Day and A New Jack O’Lantern

I had a dentist appointment today.  I got a few teeth pulled and a few stitches.  My mouth is a little sore.  I feel so tired and lazy.  I’m gonna try going to bed early tonight.  Not that it will work but we’ll see.

I had Craft Group at the Mission this morning.  I’m knitting a hand towel.  Next week I’m gonna make a salt-and-pepper holder out of plastic canvas and some yarn to go with it.

I had lunch at the Peer Support Centre.  They had casserole.  I love casserole!  Then I carved a pumpkin.

I had a meeting with my counsellor this afternoon.  Then I went to the dentist.  After that I had to stop at the drugstore, then home to put supper on.  What a busy day!

Here’s a picture of my Jack O’Lantern:

IMG_0143You can’t really see the detail in it but it’s supposed to be a dog.  Maybe it’ll look better lit up.  I’ll try to get a better picture later.

Thanks for being here again.  Till next time,

— Joyce.


Obituary – Jack O’Lantern

Jack O-Lantern Obit

Bye, Bye Jack!

Murdered - text



When I got home from my group yesterday, I didn’t see my Jack O’Lantern on the counter where it had been left that morning.  I asked everyone if they’d seen it.  My kids hadn’t seen it.  My MIL said she hadn’t seen it, and that “it wasn’t quite for kids, was it?”  I never asked her that.  I just asked her if she’d seen it.  I didn’t necessarily make it for kids.  I just made it because I thought it would be a really cool idea for a Jack O’Lantern.  I didn’t get a chance to ask my husband until this morning.  He just told me that it was it the way, so he “chucked it out back.”  I hadn’t even gotten a chance to put a candle in it yet.  I wanted to show you guys pictures.  I spent so much work on it.  Not having a good day today!

Nobody around here even cares about all the groups and everything I do to try to improve myself.  My husband and mother-in-law are always saying that I need help.  My husband just wants me to do more housework around here.  He needs help but won’t get any.

I’m trying to joke around about it a bit to try and feel better.  It’s not working very well!  I’ve been sitting here crying.  Everything hurts so bad!  I wish I could feel better!  I’m having stupid thoughts again about “I’m just in the way here. ”  I’m sorry for bothering everyone with this but I just had to let it out.  I don’t have anywhere else where anyone cares.

– Joyce.

My Stigma Pumpkin Brought to Life

Here is my “Stigma Pumpkin.”

stigma pumpkin“Here is my “Stigma Pumpkin” brought to life!”real stigma pumpkin 2Whatcha think?


– Joyce

My Jack O’Lantern

real stigma pumpkinHow do you like my Jack O’Lantern?  I carved it at the local Peer Support Center.

– Joyce.