Deception and the Borderline Personality: What Could have Been? New Comment

Excellent comment to a very stigmatizing article / blog post:

***POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING!*** for the article replied to.

Another Rant on BPD and Stigma

So many books, articles and blogs are very damaging to Borderlines.  They have tips on things like how to “train your Borderline.”  I’m not kidding!  Here is a passage from one such book:

One analogy I have used around this issue is:  “My H is really a good, law-abiding person.  It’s just that every once in a while he robs a bank.  But really, deep down inside, he is a good, law-abiding person.”

So, we’re all bank-robbers?  Seriously? Not only that, apparently we’re all sociopaths/psychopaths too.  Just check out these articles:


I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this.  Please comment below: