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Hope Is Real!: Intentional Peer Support vs. Advice Giving: A FaceBook Dialogue

Source: Hope Is Real!: Intentional Peer Support vs. Advice Giving: A FaceBook Dialogue

What Is Peer Support in the Mental Health System? | Don’t Call Me Crazy

Source: What Is Peer Support in the Mental Health System? | Don’t Call Me Crazy

Intentional Peer Support Week 1


My First One-on-One Appt. Went Well!

I had my first one-on-one session with my Community Peer Support worker today.  It went pretty well.  I asked her what was in her job description and she told me.  She can’t just drive me around like a taxi.  But we can go out for a coffee and chat about stuff.  She can accompany me to appointments if I really need moral support.  But it has to be something to do with Peer Support or else her supervisor won’t ok it.  She was supposed to see each of her clients only once every two weeks, but she’s been ok’d to see us once a week.  I feel a lot less anxious about therapy ending soon with my counsellor, knowing that I get to see my Peer Support worker every week now!

I’m still very worried about my daughter.  It’s supposed to be extremely cold all weekend.  I wish her and her boyfriend would find an apartment soon!  Her baby is due between mid-April and mid-May.  They really need to get a place ASAP!

Thanks again for reading / listening.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

Community Peer Support Appointment Soon!

In my area, we have Community Peer Support (CPS) workers.  You get one-on-one peer support about every other week.  They also work in the Peer Support Centres.  I’m being matched up with someone for Community Peer Support and I’m so excited!  I was so nervous about therapy ending eventually, but now I’m not so nervous, knowing that I’m gonna have appointments for Peer Support.

The lady I’m gonna be matched up with, I already know.  She runs a group which I attend regularly.  So that really helps.  We had a bit of time together one day as she was dropping me off from a group and we really enjoyed it.  We got along great!  I’m really looking forward to having this one-on-one Peer Support!

I’ll let you all know how my first appointment goes.  Till then,

— Joyce.

Celebration of Recovery 2015

IMG_0142Today I went to my second “Celebration of Recovery”  It was great!  They had guest speakers and a nice lunch.  They also had some of the people who use the Centres do some videos, which they showed throughout the day.  They had a few freebies again.  I grabbed some for my friend who was ill and couldn’t make it.  They talked all about Peer Support and Stigma.  They have redesigned their logo and made some changes within their organization.  They asked people what they would like to see in Peer Support last year.  So this year, they took that into account in doing the redesign.

They have a campaign called “The Elephant in the Room”  We have a small elephant.  If you display it, it means that people can talk freely with you about Mental Health without stigma or judgement.  I think it’s a great idea!  I have one in my home office and one on my keychain.  It should definitely get the conversation started about Mental Health.

The Team Lead from our Centre was sick today and couldn’t make it.  I hope she can make it next year.  I don’t know if the Centre will be open tomorrow.  It may be closed due to staff illness.  I really miss it when I can’t go there.  I find it really helps my mental health.

That’s all for now.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

Hope Is Real!: Recovery Is… The GA CPS Code of Ethics

Hope Is Real!: Recovery Is… The GA CPS Code of Ethics.

Why Being a Hermit Doesn’t Work | Write into the Light

Why Being a Hermit Doesn’t Work | Write into the Light.

Why Hire a Peer Specialist | Dealing With Emotions

Why Hire a Peer Specialist | Dealing With Emotions.

What Are Peer Recovery Support Services?

What Are Peer Recovery Support Services?

Find out in this pamphlet: