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3 Years After Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis: “I don’t recongnize that girl.”

Enjoy this video of Debbie from when she was first diagnosed with BPD.  She has come so far in three years!  Yay!  Congratulations Debbie on recovering from BPD!  She no longer meets the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder.



I’ve always been amazed when people recognized me.  I always thought that other people has such distinctive features and that I was so plain-looking that “How can they possibly recognize me?”  I’m still amazed when they remember my name too.  I don’t think I’m that memorable.  Maybe it’s a low-self esteem thing.  I think I’m so boring that, why would anyone want to bother to get to know me – remembering my name, my face, etc.?  I’m nothing.  I’m nobody.

Does anyone else experience this?  Please comment below.