BPD & Adrenal Fatigue

I have been researching all evening about Borderline Personality Disorder and if there could be a link between it and Adrenal Fatigue.  It has been very difficult to find any good quality articles about it.  Most of it has been only anecdotal.  I’ll take whatever I can get!  I have suffered from fatigue for several years now, as some of you who follow this blog regularly may know.  I have never been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue but something is definitely wrong with me.  I wake up exhausted every morning no matter how much I sleep.  I never wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake.  I’m so tired of feeling tired all the time for no good reason!

As I said in an earlier post, my husband said that I wasn’t like this before.  I wasn’t managing my emotions well before either.  Now I am managing them much better, but I’m fatigued all the time.  I think that it takes a ton of energy to manage my emotions.

I will post any links I think may be helpful.  Does anyone else feel fatigued all the time?  Do you think it may be Adrenal Fatigue or something else?  Do you have any suggestions for me?  I’m desperate!

I look forward to hearing from all of you.  Here are those links:


http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/take-the-adrenal-fatigue-quiz  (I scored moderate)






25 responses to “BPD & Adrenal Fatigue

  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling with fatigue, it can be difficult to tell what is physical and what is mental sometimes, and I think health professionals can fail to see the wood for the trees.

    I have an underactive thyroid, which leaves me exhausted although it has been improved with medication. My thyroid issues are caused by an autoimmune disease, the causes of which are not fully understood. Some theories are that stress could play a part, which makes sense for people with BPD as we tend to have had extremely stressful experiences. Anecdotally, I’ve met many people who have BPD and also have IBS and I’ve met several people with BPD and underactive thyroid. Even if it’s not well understood I think it makes sense that severe stress can take a physical toll on the body.

    I hope you get the answers you’re looking for.


  2. What does your doctor say? There could be numerous physical reasons for it. My fatigue has always been related to my depression and anxiety but my doctor did rule out thyroid issues and physical things like that first.


    • I’ve been tested for thyroid problems and many other physical ailments. They have all been ruled out. I’ve been told that it’s just depression. I have been feeling slightly better lately now that the weather is nicer. Thanks for commenting!


      • Have you ever tried a light therapy lamp or box? Mine helped a lot with my fatigue. Hope you keep feeling better. 🙂


        • They have a light therapy lamp at the local Peer Support Centre. I go there pretty much daily. It helps a little bit. Thanks for the suggestion!


          • You’re welcome. I used to sit in front of mine for up to an hour twice a day when I was at my worst. These days I don’t need it at all which goes to show you healing does occur! I’m still shocked that I don’t need it anymore because I did for years. I hope that gives you some hope that things can get better for you too. 🙂


  3. I have the exact identical question. I have always, my whole life suffered from extreme fatigue. I eat a well balanced diet as well as exercise/physically fit.
    It never stops. The only thing that helps remotely is tons of caffeine, which I’m sure isn’t healthy.
    No one I’ve spoken with has an answer yet I believe there is a direct physical reason for this.
    And for me I’ve found no link between the fatigue, mood nor weather.

    It would be most kind if someone could share some insight into this subject.

    Thank you.


  4. Hi there. If you’re looking for links for BPD and adrenal fatigue, please contact me. I suffer from both BPD and adrenal insufficiency… It basically controls my life.


  5. Hi there. If you’re looking for links for BPD and adrenal fatigue, please contact me. I suffer from both BPD and adrenal insufficiency… It basically controls my life.

    If you suspect you suffer from adrenal fatigue, go to your doctor and request a cortisol screening.


    • I’ve had everything checked – thyroid, low iron, etc. and they can’t find anything physically wrong with me. They probably think it’s all in my head. Thanks for the suggestion.


  6. My endocrine system is a mess . Thyroid issues . Autoimmune disease I have adrenal fatigue though only certain endos will even believe in it . If you are insufficient it is easy to see . Fatigue can be measured by a saliva test and where I live only naturopaths will do it .


  7. Even I am suffering from fatigue, despair, depression, low self esteem and people pleasing propensity


  8. I feel weak, anxious, scared, restless, inept, inadequate and lost….. For more than 25 years now. Sleep, reading, writing, vacation, sexual fantasies, masturbation, tea, coffee, occasionally tobacco, fluoxetine, alprazolam and good hearted, positive minded people gave relief, but, God, the sheer pain of being.


  9. Genetics, narcissistic grandmother, meek mother, wounded inner child, complex Ptsd, melancholic disposition, weak character, hyper sensitive nature, a certain naivete and unfavorable stars have reduced me to a pulp.


  10. Down but not out is my motto. Exit and survive, I must…. Crawl and drag, get crushed… Uncrush….. Feel the pain, God…. The sheer angst of being… Phew!


  11. Enjoying walks in nature helped. In the midst of greenery, water body. I have started methyl phenidate as last resort. Let’s see.


    • I’m glad you’ve found some relief. Nature helps me a little bit. It used to help a lot more. I hope that your medication helps you find even more relief.


      • Yeah,it gives some positive energy,for sure.Does it have addiction potential?


      • How did you recover/cope,Joyce?

        On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 9:09 AM, MAKE BPD STIGMA-FREE! wrote:

        > Joyce commented: “I’m glad you’ve found some relief. Nature helps me a > little bit. It used to help a lot more. I hope that your medication helps > you find even more relief.” >


        • I still suffer from fatigue, but it’s mainly in the evenings and weekends. In the mornings, I can usually function pretty well until I get feeling very tired and lazy. I’m going to talk to my doctor about it.


  12. Does fluoxetine help? I took around 2000 tablets, 20 MG. in 21 years. I addressed my child hood emotional neglect and abuse also. I got fleeting relief…. Does anybody know about healing the pain in the sub conscious? Energy healing


    • There is no specific medication for BPD, if that’s your diagnosis. You can take medication for the symptoms. Medications affect everyone differently so I can’t say whether one would work for you or not. DBT is one of the best treatments for BPD. It is also used for many other things now.



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