Kent State student named Courage Award recipient

KENT, Ohio (WYTV) – Governor John Kasich named a Kent State University college freshman one of the recipients for the Courage Award at his State of the State address.

Nina Schubert put together a group on Kent State’s campus to help students cope with the same struggles she’s been dealing with since high school.

Schubert said she has struggled with bulimia, depression, anxiety, self-harm, borderline personality disorder and suicidal thoughts.

It was Nina Schubert’s freshman year in high school when she says she noticed she was going down a toxic a path but she didn’t try to change until a friend pulled her aside and asked her to seek help.

“For my friend to give me that ultimatum is what changed my life — and probably saved my life,” Schubert said.

A little over a year ago, Schubert finished her final treatment program and in her first year in college, she’s taking…

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Exclusive: West Island Man Desperately Seeking Mental-Health Services in English – Montreal –

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Why Emotional Growth is Scary: 3 Ways to Defeat Your Fear of Change – CEN

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Four Daily Mindfulness Practices to Improve Our Well-Being

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4 Steps to Increase Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

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Do You Have A Hospital Fantasy? – Annie Wright Psychotherapy

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone celebrating today!

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Series to Focus on Mental Disorders: Course Designed to Help Affected Families – Hawaii Tribune-Herald

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Talent Show A Mild Success

There wasn’t a huge turnout for the Talent Show tonight.  Someone played the guitar while I read some poetry.  There was no winner.  I guess it was a tie.  We both got compliments on our performances.  One of the poems I read was “I Am The Shadow”  It was suggested that I should write something that continues from it.  I don’t know what that would be.  It would be a lot different than my “Shadow” poem.  Since I wrote that, many years ago, I have done DBT and gotten a lot better mentally and emotionally.  Stay tuned and I’ll share with you all anything I come up with.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

When BPD is Your “Root” Mental Health Issue

I love this article!

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“Manipulation” and BPD: What to Know – The Mighty

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Talent Show Tonight at my Local Peer Support Centre

Once a month, at my local Peer Support Centre, they have a Dinner Night.  There are open in the afternoon and evening instead of their usual daytime hours.  You can buy dinner there for $2.00.  You have to sign up ahead of time so they know how much food to prepare.  There is complimentary punch and dessert.  Today is Dinner Night.  They’re having a Talent Show.  So far, only two people have signed up – me and one other person.  I am going to do a poetry reading and the other person is going to play the guitar.  I’ll let you know the results tonight.  Wish me luck!  I’m kind of nervous, but I’m sure I’ll do okay.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

Are You Stuck in Fight-or-Flight Mode? Here are 3 Ways to Transcend It:

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I’d Always Felt “Off” and Now I Know Why – NY Post

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5 Ways to Calm Your Mind Without Meditation

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Other Kind Ways to Talk to Yourself

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A Beginner’s Guide to DBT

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Supporting Individuals Affected by BPD – Tickets – Eventbrite

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Middle of the Night Update

I was just thinking about how I felt the air rushing into my ears earlier when I took that deep breath.  I believe it was a form of mindfulness.  Being mindful of my body.  I couldn’t think of that before.  (It’s the middle of the night, don’t mind me!)  I’ve never been as mindful of it as this before.  It feels great!  I love making more progress in my recovery all the time.  I’ve been in recovery from BPD for over ten years now, and this is the first time I remember experiencing this.

What do you think?  Is this a form of mindfulness?  Are you in touch with your body?  Please share in the Comments below.  Thank you!

Till next time,

— Joyce.

In Touch With My Body In The Middle of the Night

It’s 3:45 am and I’ve been up for a couple of hours now.  I just had the strangest thing happen.  I was lying in bed and took a deep breath, and I could feel the air coming in through my ears!  I’ve never felt that before.  I know that your ears, nose and throat are all connected, (that’s why they have Ear, Nose & Throat doctors), and that when one is affected they all are (eg. stuffed up) but I have never experienced the air rushing in my ears like that before.  Maybe it means that I’m more in touch with my body than I’ve ever been.  I guess that’s a good thing?

Have you ever experienced anything like this?  Is this normal?  Just wanted to know.  Thanks for listening.  I’d love to hear your comments.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

How BPD Transforms You Into the Best Kind of Warrior

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What We Need to Know About the Art of Self-Sabotage – Elephant Journal

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Hope Is Real: Mental Gifts

An interesting way of looking at mental illness as a gift:

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The Choice to Use Your Voice – Searching For Grey

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The Positive Aspects of BPD: BPD As A Gift

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