Borderline Personality Disorder:  Structuring the Unstructured Patient

Alan Fruzetti, PhD, on Acceptance and Change in DBT

Family Connections Program – for carers of those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Emotion Myths

The Ocean In Me

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Help for Borderline Personality Disorder

“It was a different time for them…”

All Mouth, No Spoons


Mental Health Awareness Week – 2016

It’s the one argument that I’ve heard far too many times in regards to mental health. The generation above mine and the one before that, they don’t see mental illness as a serious matter. It can be fixed by a stern ‘pull yourself together’ and a stiff upper lip. “Back in my day, we didn’t have time to be depressed!” Yeah, that’s really helpful and also incorrect. Records show that people started to show symptoms of depression during the Industrial Revolution as industry went from open, wide farms and fields, to tight, cramped factories. It’s basically like going from being a free-range hen to being stuck in a cage while you lay eggs. Do you know when the Industrial Revolution ended? Around 1840.

My mom had mental health problems. She was sectioned twice in the 1980s, diagnosed with both post-natal depression after having my…

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“I Am Borderline”Film

Trigger Warning:

Marianne Goodman From The Icahn School of Medicine:  What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

What Happens To Your Thoughts And Behaviors When You’re Angry?

Having Kids With A BPD Diagnosis

I Want My Grandson!

My computer has been screwing up on me and not working for the last week-and-a-half, so I’m writing this on my laptop.  I prefer my desktop computer for some things, especially blogging.  I’ll have to get it in the shop ASAP.

Our grandson is in foster care.  Our daughter doesn’t even know yet.  I think that she thinks he’s in a different area of the hospital than the NICU but that she’s not allowed to see him right now.  My husband and I just had a meeting with a worker from Children’s Aid Society (I think it’s called Child Protective Services in the States) to determine if we can look after our grandson while they check out if our daughter and her boyfriend are fit parents.

It did not go well.  We have a history with them from when our kids were little and they’re using it against us.  They said they just closed their file with us last year but we remember them closing it a few years ago.  This lady is going to talk to our family doctor and my psychiatrist.  Our only hope is that we get glowing reports from both of them.  Otherwise, we have no chance.  She kept telling us that she didn’t want us to get the wrong idea by her being here, that us getting our grandson was a done deal.

I’m gonna see if my Community Peer Support worker can talk to them.  Maybe that’ll help.  I really hope so!

Wish us luck.  We need all that we can get to keep our grandson in the family and not in foster care.

Chronic Fatigue Patients More Likely to Suppress Emotions

Lists, lists, lists

Coping With Extreme Emotions in Borderline Personality Disorder

30 Years On The Streets:  Woman’s Moving Account of Life For The Homeless


From Optimum Performance Institute:

A Mad Mother is not a Bad Mother


Dialectical Blaine

I woke up feeling the need to write. The need hasn’t presented itself in a week. The desire has been there, ‘I should write today.’ I suppose the thoughts which plague me as soon as I open my eyes haven’t been kicking around my brain lately.

Today I woke and frustration hit me. Frustrated by the people who have let me down in recent months. Fear of remaining in a relationship I can guarantee will hurt me again – the greater fear being humiliated in the process – please don’t let it be her. Sadness of feeling abandoned by several people – family, friends, partner. Shame of recent actions. Semi-guilt for the amount of food I consumed yesterday – I could have had a chocolate croissant in the morning, instead I chose to eat 3 after 10pm & an apple strudel – nevermind the 4 freshly deep-fried samosa’s I had for lunch. Upcoming…

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Brain thinks, body reacts

Calendar – Education – Lunch and Learn Session on Borderline Personality Disorder – May 16

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) For Borderline Personality Disorder

Finding New Language

Therapy Sucks

Part of what has been so challenging in therapy lately is that I have not been able to find words to really describe what I’m experiencing. It all feels so emotionally familiar, but also foreign and new at the same time.

My therapist always says that sometimes when we’re experiencing something new, it is hard to put words to it because we’ve never spoken about it before. This is particularly true when you are trying to speak the unspeakable.

In response to a recent blog post, a reader left a comment suggesting the book “Trauma and the Avoidant Client: Attachment-Based Strategies for Healing” by Robert T. Muller. I did a quick Google search and came upon the book, as well as an article titled “Trauma and Dismissing (Avoidant) Attachment: Intervention Strategies in Individual Psychotherapy” by the same author.

I had to read it a few times before…

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Upper Limits:  How Much Goodness Are You Capable of Letting In?

Radical Acceptance in Action

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

To cut a long story short, 19-year-old sis and I bought Birthday Sis a pair of sparkly platform trainers for her birthday, which is coming up at the end of the month. We agreed to wait until the day of the birthday before giving her the present, even though they had arrived in the post a few days ago. We planned to give the trainers together, and with the other presents arriving this week.

However, today on my way home from DBT Skills Group, I received a message on the Family Whatsapp group from Birthday Sis, with a photo of her sparkly new trainers.
“Thank you so much for the trainers, I love them!!”, it said.

I immediately felt full of rage towards 19-year-old sis as I knew she must have given Birthday Sis the present out of the blue, without me, without asking me, and weeks before we…

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