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80+ Self-Care Ideas

Originally posted on The Self-Compassion Project:

277221852_476e8916f0_z Here is an amazing list of self-care activities. Feel free to add any  other ideas in the comment section.

Maybe we can get the list up to 100!

(P.S. There are 49 comments with LOTS more great ideas!)

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Here’s the list:

going for a photo walk

going to the forest

a bath at the end of the day

going for bike rides

finding overgrown grass and putting my bare feet and it

lying in the grass on the hill and staring up at the sky

cooking a meal for myself and being really present

getting up early and reading inspirational books


walking with my dogs


going places–getting a change of scenery

trying new things…

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Book Review: “Borderline Personality Disorder Explained”

E-book by Martin Guessmann.

This book is not too bad for a brief overview of BPD.  There were quite a few typos.  It had a pretty good description of the symptoms/criteria.  It didn’t portray Borderlines in a negative light, which is good.

The author has provided some resources at the end of the book, which is very helpful.  I have read some of them myself and they are pretty interesting reading.

As someone in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder, I may recommend this book to others.  Check out my other book reviews here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more book reviews in the future.

– Joyce.

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Being enough

Originally posted on Life in a Bind - BPD and me:

I wanted to share another fantastic post called ‘On feeling like too much‘, by one of my favourite blogging therapists, whose blog I haven’t had as much time to visit recently, as I would like. Dawn Friedman is a family counsellor, helping individuals, younger children and teens, and her posts cover everything from parenting challenges, to adoption, to how it feels to cry in the therapy room. I have linked to a couple of her other posts before.

On feeling like too much‘ resonated in so many ways with what I experience, particularly in the context of therapy. ‘Feeling like too much’ and ‘feeling like too little’ are both difficulties I have been discussing with my therapist over the last few sessions. We’ve been talking about how hard it is for me to communicate and express myself during session, and I have realised that that…

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Third Centre Added To My BPD Groups?

Hi, everyone!  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been pretty busy.  I get lazy sometimes and then I have to get caught up with all of my emails and messages.  I’m finally starting to get caught up!

I may be starting a BPD Group in a third Peer Support Centre.  It’s just a small town.  There probably won’t be a lot of people attending.  I don’t know if they’re coming to me or if I’m going to them.  They’d have to figure out transportation for me, which I’m sure is no problem if they can get me to the other Centre I’m already going to.

I’ll be the “Travellin’ BPD Lady”

Check in with you later,

– Joyce <3

Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up

Originally posted on Pride in Madness:

Taken from: eponis.tumblr.com

PDF copy here.

When we reach the point in our lives when we have given up things are usually pretty bad. I know for myself, I became impulsive, was engaging in risky behaviours and just stopped caring. When I found this list of questions today it got me thinking about my moments of giving up and what either pulled me back from them or kept me in them. This list of questions highlights the little things that can be done to improve our emotional health. Often we find ourselves feeling out of control and the answers to these questions can help you gain some of the control back.

Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up

Are you hydrated?  If not, have a glass of water.

Have you eaten in the past three hours?  If not, get some food — something…

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Are BPD and complex PTSD the same disorder?

Originally posted on Lucky Otter's Haven:

Me at age 3 in the zone. Was the template for my BPD already laid down?

Ruji, a new commenter on this blog (and the maker of the personality disorder buttons I have featured in the sidebar), made an interesting observation–that BPD should be divided into at least two subtypes: Empathy Challenged/Character Disordered (closer to NPD/ASPD) and Highly Sensitive Person with Emotional Dysregulation (closer to the type I have, although at different times in my life or when extremely stressed I have displayed the more character-disordered subtype). I agree with her. Ruji’s idea is remarkably similar to The World Health Organization’s two subtypes of BPD:

1. F60.30 Impulsive type
At least three of the following must be present, one of which must be (2):

–marked tendency to act unexpectedly and without consideration of the consequences;
–marked tendency to engage in quarrelsome behavior and to have conflicts with others, especially…

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Dinner With My Brother


Relationships with siblings can be tricky. My own relationship with my brother is a little complicated. Here is a great post on someone’s relationship with their brother:

Originally posted on Borderline Functional:

Last night I enjoyed some quiet time where I was feeling pretty good about things. As I was outside having a cigarette I started thinking about my brother. I usually try not to think about him because it upsets me and I feel rejected, lost and sad for missing him. However in the grips of a content mood, I got caught up imagining a relationship with him that I had stopped longing for some time ago. I pictured us having a casual, relaxed and spirited relationship, the kind that siblings with a good bond must have.

Impulsivity took over. In a moment of either frivolity or bravery, I messaged him saying I loved him and suggested we should catch up soon. Visions of hanging out and having in depth conversations floated in my brain. Visions of me asking him for advice. Visions of support. Visions of a happy, balanced relationship.

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Originally posted on emotionalgrace:

This past year has been absolutely horrible for me.  It has felt as if I were suffocating and drowning.  It seemed as if everything was out of control!  No matter how hard I tried, what help I sought out, what treatment plan I tried – I couldn’t get better.  I thought it was all the distractions that were thrown in my face – family issues, work, physical sickness, loneliness, and isolation – that kept me from really getting better.  I thought that I just needed to be somewhere that I could focus on my and my health – no distractions…start over and get a clean slate.

This past week I have had such high emotional turmoil!  I don’t remember having such intense emotions.  After three months of not harming, I engaged in self-harm again by cutting and scratching to relieve my emotional pain.  I dissociated so much that I am…

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Learning About BPD

Originally posted on emotionalgrace:

I found this documentary on New York-Presbyterian website.  They have resources and information about BPD.  It’s nice that someone is studying it and trying to help those who need treatment.  The video is about 48 minutes long but if you want to learn more about it by hearing real people talking about their issues as well as medical data – take a look!

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I Have BPD…And It’s Okay

Originally posted on emotionalgrace:

Almost three years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  It has been a long and difficult journey but at the same time it has been refreshing because now I can see why I am the way I am.  There is a reason for the way that I behaved and reacted to the curveballs life threw at me.  There is a reason for why I struggled with friendships and why I could not have victory over certain areas in my life.  The reason is because having BPD affects me.  It’s not an excuse…it’s a reason.

Over the last few years, people have said to me “there is nothing wrong with you”, “it’s all in your mind”, “you are just trying to get attention”, or “everyone has problems”.  I wish that it was as easy as that.  I wish that I was just making it all up.  I think…

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BPD Information Links

Originally posted on My BPD Mind:

There is a lot of misinformation about BPD since it is still relatively new in the world of psychological disorders. The misinformation is what fuels the stigma of BPD. These are some sources of information that I find accurate and reliable:

“Back From the Edge” – video about BPD, told by people with BPD

BPD Family Info

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

National Education Alliance: BPD

BPD in Adolescence – video about early BPD detection

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