BOOK REVIEW: “The Everything Guide To Borderline Personality Disorder”

Full title:  “The Everything Guide To Borderline Personality Disorder:  Professional, reassuring advice for coping with the disorder and breaking the destructive cycle” by Constance M. Dolecki, MS, PhDC

I think that this book was written more for people without the disorder to learn how to cope with people suffering from BPD.  In my opinion, it concentrates too much on anger issues, making it seem like Borderlines are angry all the time.  We can be, if triggered, the same as anyone else.  What’s different, I think, is that once we get triggered into anger, it’s much harder for us to come down from it.  Therapy can help us with that, which is covered in this book.  There are case studies demonstrating, for those without the disorder, what BPD is like.  But I believe it shows what it is like through their eyes, not from those with the disorder.  Then it goes on to tell what the person with BPD should have done instead.  I like books that tell what it’s like from the BPD sufferer’s point of view.  Then, those without the disorder can see what it’s really like for us and maybe have more compassion.

There is a lot of great information here.  I would have liked to have read some stories from BPD sufferers themselves but there are other books for that.  All in all, not a bad book.  I’d take all the useful information from it but check out other books as well.


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