We’re Having A Grandson!

Our daughter had an ultrasound yesterday and found out that she’s having a boy.  So we’re gonna have a grandson.  And our son is gonna be an uncle.  He’s always wanted a little brother.  I told him that having a nephew will be almost like having a little brother – It will be someone to look up to him and play with.  I think he’s kind of excited.  I hope this helps him get along with his sister better.  Whenever she comes over he goes to his room and ignores her.

Just wanted to tell you all my news.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

2 responses to “We’re Having A Grandson!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Nothing was more exciting for me than having our first grandson!!! His mama let me sing and read to him in utero, and I also helped him come into the world!!! The Dr. layed him on the table and when I went and asked him how grammy’s little boy…he stopped crying and turned to me…HE KNEW ME…I was so close to him while he was little…until about school age…it was amazing…then his mom and dad (our son)…didn’t like him being with us, because we wouldn’t allow him to see and play games as they did at home. I got him into therapy and they took him out…they didn’t like hearing that they needed to stop doing what could be damaging to their son…and then they just took him away…lies were said…no one is adult enough to sit and talk it out. I miss our grandson…but I REALLY miss my son…It hurts to not have him in my life…I worry about his health, he smokes so much…I worry about Carson being around it…
    TAKE GOOD CARE OF THAT LITTLE GUY…LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND GIVE HIM ALL OF YOURSELF WHILE YOU CAN…the way kids are today…we never know when we might lose them…
    Best wishes to you and your family!!! Warmest thoughts, Susie


    1. We will love this little guy more than anything. We’ll be there for him always. Thank you for commenting!



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