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She felt (her emotions) invalid and unacceptable as if part or all of her was missing. She questioned her decisions. She felt constantly confused by her own behavior and the behavior of others. Her struggle’s to feel connected to the people she loves the most, to fit in, to belong. But instead got abused and more connected with feeling ashamed and unloved. Never praised and even when she said, I want to run away. Nobody cared.

Yet, this emotionally neglected child, in adulthood felt deeply something was wrong with her and wondered why. Childhood emotional neglect is so subtle and unmemorable that she may have no awareness that anything was missing in her childhood. But that truth of the matter all those emotions that were neglected as a child showed up in her over-dosing and her mind fighting in a war she couldn’t bear no more.

She needed…

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BPD Video Presentation Soon at Peer Support Centre

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Next month, I will be doing a presentation on Borderline Personality Disorder at the local Peer Support Centre.  I will be showing some YouTube videos and inviting questions from people watching, and will answer them the best I can.  I did a presentation at this time last year, but this time I can show videos.  These videos will help explain what BPD is like better than I can by myself.  I’m pretty nervous but I know I can do it.  I am so passionate about educating people on it.  There was someone at the Centre today who was kind of interested in learning more about BPD.  I hope she joins the group in September when I restart it, after holidays are over.  The group is so small right now.  It’s been several months with hardly anyone attending.  I get very discouraged but I can’t stop running it.  It’s in my blood!

I’m so excited!  I kind of wish I was doing it tomorrow, but I have to prepare.   I’m pretty much ready.  I just need to practice with their new Smart TV they just installed.  I have a little bit but I need a lot more practice.  I want to be able to keep the presentation flowing nicely, without a whole bunch of pauses all the way through it.  I have such dreams of how it’s going to go.  I hope it works out like I have planned!

If you’d like to watch some great videos on BPD, check out my YouTube channel here:

Wish me luck!  Thanks!

Ta Ta for now,

- Joyce.

Borderline personality disorder; before you judge us.

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Borderline personality disorder;  before you judge us by the articles that are written about borderline personality disorders.  Please take the time to interview and listen to those who have the illness.  

You will learn that we are not monsters and many times we do not like our own behavior.  Our life is a constant battle, not with you, but within ourselves. 


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