They’re back!

In Editorials on November 22, 2014 at 8:27 pm

My daughter and her boyfriend just left after coming back here.  My mother-in-law’s friend is paying for them to stay in a motel for a couple of nights.  They’re supposed to pay him back at the end of the month.  They’re also supposed to call Social Services on Monday to see about getting our daughter on his welfare cheque.  Apparently he has a worker who’s trying to get him on ODSP.  I hope he gets it because it’ll be a bit more money for them.  I wonder what disability he’s supposed to have?


Toddler troubles – BPD and parenting, Part 2

In Editorials on November 22, 2014 at 8:18 pm

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toddler tantrumOne of the hardest things about being a parent with BPD, is dealing with the toddler. Not just the cute three-foot high one wreaking havoc in your house, but the inner toddler who appears to be so often in control of the adult body he or she inhabits. In ‘Trigger troubles – BPD and parenting, Part 1’, I wrote about the fact that some of the very things that make children, children, are also the things that due to the nature of BPD, I find most triggering. This difficulty is then compounded by the ways in which I react to triggering situations, and the internal resources (or lack thereof) that I have for dealing with them.

Whenever I’ve been on ‘Assertiveness’ courses, it’s always been emphasized that it only needs one party in a two-person interaction to behave assertively, and the chances of a constructive and positive outcome…

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They want to crash here

In Editorials on November 22, 2014 at 5:33 pm

My daughter and her boyfriend caught me at the front door just as I was heading out to grab some groceries.  They want to crash here until the end of the month.  I told them that I’d have to discuss it with her dad.  We really don’t need them to stay here.  She said they could give us some money at the end of the month.  I’ve never gotten any money from her before.  We’ve been told that they would just disrupt our lives.  I believe it.  Her boyfriend said that they’re gonna call Social Services on Monday to see about getting our daughter on his welfare cheque.  I’ll believe it when it happens.  They’ve been saying that for weeks.  She keeps saying that she needs money now.  If they’d called them weeks ago, they’d have the money already.

My mother-in-law picked me up for shopping and dropped them off downtown at a friend’s place.  They’ve been visiting with different friends throughout the day for the last couple of days or so.


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