BOOK REVIEW – “Her” by Felicia Johnson

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“Her” follows the life of Kristen, a 17-year-old young woman, admitted to Bent Creek Mental Hospital.  She’s under tremendous pressure, and experiencing trauma and flashbacks through which her story is told.  It shows the unhealthy coping skills she’s learned, and how she’s introduced to new ways of thinking.  Very engaging!  It pulls the reader in.

This book is  a very intense read!  “Her” really shows what it’s like – the irrational thoughts, intense emotions and  behaviours of an adolescent with Borderline Personality Disorder .  I could really feel everything along with Kristen.  I could relate to a lot of the things in the book.  I couldn’t put it down!  An excellent look into the mind of a BPD sufferer.

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Yin-Yang DNA icon Yin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA icon   5/5

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  2. […] BOOK REVIEW – “Her” by Felicia Johnson. […]



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