Guilt, My Sister and I

My sister is seven years younger than me.  When I was in high school, she always wanted me to play with her, but I never felt up to it.  I always thought that I’d do it later.  I didn’t know that I had undiagnosed depression and probably developing BPD at the time.  I felt so guilty because of it.  We’re a lot closer now, but I still wish I wouldn’t been diagnosed and helped sooner.  Then I could’ve played with my sister and felt better.  I may not have developed BPD, who knows?

Whenever I go to my mom and dad’s, I usually bring my camera and go for a walk with my sister.  They live on a farm so there’s all kinds of photo opportunities.  I love to take pictures of the horses and the cows and the stray cats.  I also love taking pictures of butterflies, flowers and much more.  We’ve taken some beautiful pics of gorgeous sunsets.  I’d love to take some pictures right now but my camera got stolen.  But that’s another post!

– Joyce.

2 responses to “Guilt, My Sister and I”

  1. I had 3 brothers growing up and no sisters. I used to climb the trees to follow my brothers as they were trying to ditch me! I turned out more of a tom boy. I am glad you have a close relationship with your sister now.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad too!



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